MongoLink Operations

MongoLink is a toolkit for working with MongoDB databases built into the Wolfram Language. It uses the MongoDB C Driver via LibraryLink to interface with MongoDB databases with minimal overhead.


MongoConnect connect to a MongoDB database

$MongoDefaultCAFile represents a certificate authority file

MongoGetDatabase connect to a MongoDB database

MongoGetCollection connect to a MongoDB collection

Client-Level Operations


Database-Level Operations

MongoDatabaseName  ▪  MongoDatabaseDrop  ▪  MongoGetCollectionNames

Collection-Level Operations

MongoCollectionName  ▪  MongoCollectionDrop  ▪  MongoCollectionStats  ▪  MongoCollectionValidate

MongoCollectionCount  ▪  MongoCollectionFind  ▪  MongoCollectionFindOne  ▪  MongoCollectionAggregate   ▪  MongoCollectionDistinct

MongoCollectionInsert  ▪  MongoCollectionUpdateOne  ▪  MongoCollectionUpdateMany  ▪  MongoCollectionDeleteOne  ▪  MongoCollectionDeleteMany  ▪  MongoCollectionReplaceOne

Cursor-Level Operations

MongoCursorNext  ▪  MongoWriteConcernCreate  ▪  MongoCursorSetBatchSize  ▪  MongoCursorGetBatchSize  ▪  MongoCursorToArray

MongoLink Objects

MongoClient  ▪  MongoDatabase  ▪  MongoCollection  ▪  MongoCursor

MongoWriteConcern  ▪  BSONObjectID  ▪  MongoInsertResult


MongoDriverVersion obtain the version of the underlying MongoDB driver used by MongoLink