Rendering Components

Rendering components affect how objects in a scene will be seen. Scenes contain rendering components such as cameras and lights that can be manipulated to capture objects in your game. Rendering components can be seen in the hierarchy window and must be opened in order to be edited. The Wolfram Language allows rendering components to be represented in a symbolic form that can be manipulated immediately.

Camera Component

UnityCamera represents a camera

UnityCameraQ test whether an object is a camera

CreateUnityCamera create a camera

DeleteUnityCamera delete a camera

Light Component

UnityLight represents a light

UnityLightQ test whether an object is a light

CreateUnityLight create a light

DeleteUnityLight delete a light

Light Probe Group Component

UnityLightProbeGroup represents a light probe group

UnityLightProbeGroupQ test whether an object is a light probe group

CreateUnityLightProbeGroup create a light probe group

DeleteUnityLightProbeGroup delete a light probe group

Light Probe Proxy Volume Component

UnityLightProbeProxyVolume represents a light probe proxy volume

UnityLightProbeProxyVolumeQ test whether an object is a light probe proxy volume

CreateUnityLightProbeProxyVolume create a light probe proxy volume

DeleteUnityLightProbeProxyVolume delete a light probe proxy volume

Reflection Probe Component

UnityReflectionProbe represents a reflection probe

UnityReflectionProbeQ test whether an object is a reflection probe

CreateUnityReflectionProbe create a reflection probe

DeleteUnityReflectionProbe delete a reflection probe

Canvas Renderer Component

UnityCanvasRenderer represents a canvas renderer

UnityCanvasRendererQ test whether an object is a canvas renderer

CreateUnityCanvasRenderer create a canvas renderer

DeleteUnityCanvasRenderer delete a canvas renderer

Sprite Renderer Component

UnitySpriteRenderer represents a sprite renderer

UnitySpriteRendererQ test whether an object is a sprite renderer

CreateUnitySpriteRenderer create a sprite renderer

DeleteUnitySpriteRenderer delete a sprite renderer

Flare Layer Component

UnityFlareLayer represents a flare layer

UnityFlareLayerQ test whether an object is a flare layer

CreateUnityFlareLayer create a flare layer

DeleteUnityFlareLayer delete a flare layer

GUI Layer Component

UnityGUILayer represents a GUI layer

UnityGUILayerQ test whether an object is a GUI layer

CreateUnityGUILayer create a GUI layer

DeleteUnityGUILayer delete a GUI layer

GUI Text Component

UnityGUIText represents a GUI text

UnityGUITextQ test whether an object is a GUI text

CreateUnityGUIText create a GUI text

DeleteUnityGUIText delete a GUI text

GUI Texture Component

UnityGUITexture represents a GUI texture

UnityGUITextureQ test whether an object is a GUI texture

CreateUnityGUITexture create a GUI texture

DeleteUnityGUITexture delete a GUI texture

LOD Group Component

UnityLODGroup represents a LOD group

UnityLODGroupQ test whether an object is a LOD group

CreateUnityLODGroup create a LOD group

DeleteUnityLODGroup delete a LOD group

Occlusion Area Component

UnityOcclusionArea represents a occlusion area

UnityOcclusionAreaQ test whether an object is a occlusion area

CreateUnityOcclusionArea create a occlusion area

DeleteUnityOcclusionArea delete a occlusion area

Occlusion Portal Component

UnityOcclusionPortal represents a occlusion portal

UnityOcclusionPortalQ test whether an object is a occlusion portal

CreateUnityOcclusionPortal create a occlusion portal

DeleteUnityOcclusionPortal delete a occlusion portal

Skybox Component

UnitySkybox represents a skybox

UnitySkyboxQ test whether an object is a skybox

CreateUnitySkybox create a skybox

DeleteUnitySkybox delete a skybox

Sorting Group Component

UnitySortingGroup represents a sorting group

UnitySortingGroupQ test whether an object is a sorting group

CreateUnitySortingGroup create a sorting group

DeleteUnitySortingGroup delete a sorting group