Unity Game Engine Interface

The Wolfram Language's UnityLink provides a unique seamless interface to the Unity game engine. With UnityLink you can immediately access Unity objects and components from within the Wolfram Language without any Unity programming. UnityLink also provides a complete library for calling the Wolfram Language from within applications made with Unity.

Getting Started

learn how to use UnityLink

Sample Projects

explore game-ready examples

Calling Unity from the Wolfram Language »

UnityOpen open a Unity project

UnityPlay set Unity play mode

LaunchUnity  ▪  UnityExecute  ▪  UnityInformation  ▪  ...

Unity Objects & Components »

UnityGameObject represent a game object

CreateUnityGameObject create a game object

UnityScene  ▪  UnityMesh  ▪  UnityCamera  ▪  UnityTransform  ▪  ...

Code Deployment

CreateUnityLibrary compile a function into a library suitable for use in Unity

EmbedCode generate Unity C# code for embedding of cloud content

UnityBuild build a Unity project into a standalone application

Calling the Wolfram Language from Unity »

WolframLanguage high-level interface for calling the Wolfram Language

Evaluate()  ▪  CloudEvaluate()  ▪  Information()  ▪  ...

Unity Editor Menu Extension

Wolfram custom menu items for asset generation and configuration

3D Object  ▪  2D Object  ▪  Wolfram Engine  ▪  Preferences  ▪  ...


WolframDatabin access the cloud logging and analytics system Wolfram DataDrop

WolframLog prefab for automatic logging of game states