Audio Formats

The Wolfram Language supports all standard raster audio formats and codecs, with options to allow detailed control over encoding and compression. The Wolfram Language also allows conversion between MIDI and its integrated symbolic note-based audio representation.

Import import audio data as well as metadata

Export export audio with specified options

Sampled Audio

"AIFF" AIFF Macintosh sound format (.aif, .aiff)

"AU" μ law encoding Unix Audio Format (.au)

"FLAC" FLAC lossless audio codec (.flac)

"MP3" MP3 format (.mp3)

"SND" SND file format, equivalent to AU (.snd)

"WAV" Microsoft WAV format (.wav)

"Wave64" Sony Wave64 format (.w64)

Note-Based Sound

"MIDI" MIDI format (.mid)

Common Elements

"Audio" in-memory audio object that plays as the sound

"AudioFile" audio object playing sound stored in a local file

"Sound" sound object that plays as the sound

"Data" array of sampled amplitude values

"Rules" rules for elements

"Elements" list of all available elements


SampleRate  ▪  AudioEncoding  ▪  CompressionLevel