Working with ARK Blockchains

The Wolfram Language has built-in capabilities for interacting with ARK blockchains. It can both retrieve detailed information from ARK mainnet and devnet and construct and submit transactions to the blockchains.

Accessing ARK Blockchains

BlockchainData get current information about an ARK blockchain

BlockchainBlockData get information about a particular ARK block

BlockchainTransactionData get information about an ARK transaction

BlockchainAddressData get information connected with an ARK blockchain address

BlockchainBase option to specify blockchain and network

$BlockchainBase default blockchain and network to use

Key Management

GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair generate key pairs for blockchain transactions

PrivateKey  ▪  PublicKey

BlockchainKeyEncode encode a key to get an address, WIF, etc.

ARK Blockchain Transactions

BlockchainTransaction symbolic representation of an ARK blockchain transaction

BlockchainTransactionSign use a private key to sign an ARK blockchain transaction

BlockchainTransactionSubmit submit a transaction for inclusion on an ARK blockchain

Financial Information

CurrencyConvert conversions for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies