Creating Instant APIs

The Wolfram Language has built-in capabilities for creating and deploying APIs on the web and elsewhere.

Basic API Setup

APIFunction define the parameters and function to execute for the API

CloudDeploy deploy as an active API on the web

Handling Parameters »

Interpreter specify how parameters should be converted for use in the function

Failure object returned if interpretation fails

Controlling API Results

ExportForm specify a format for results (e.g. "PNG", "CloudCDF", ...)

ResponseForm specify a wrapper for the API response (e.g. "JSON")

HTTPResponse specify metadata from the HTTP response (e.g. "StatusCode")

HTTPErrorResponse specify an HTTP error response

Constructing Results

GenerateDocument  ▪  XMLTemplate  ▪  EmbeddedHTML  ▪  Manipulate  ▪  ...

Execution Metadata »

$GeoLocation  ▪  $GeoLocationCountry  ▪  $UserAgentString  ▪  $RequesterAddress  ▪  HTTPRequestData  ▪  ...

Embedding in External Constructs

EmbedCode generate code for embedding API calls in pages, languages, etc.

Managing Instant APIs

CloudObject symbolic representation of APIs in the cloud

Options, SetOptions find, set options for a deployed API

Permissions permissions for executing or modifying the API

Testing Instant APIs

URLExecute  ▪  URLBuild  ▪  CloudFunction

GenerateHTTPResponse generate a symbolic HTTP response from an APIFunction