Directories & Directory Operations

Directory current kernel directory

SetDirectory set the current kernel directory

NotebookDirectory current notebook directory

ResetDirectory  ▪  DirectoryStack

Directory Names »

ParentDirectory the parent of a directory

DirectoryName pick out the directory part from a full file name

FileNameJoin assemble a file name from a list of parts

FileNameSplit  ▪  FileNameDepth  ▪  ...

DirectoryQ test whether a name corresponds to an existing directory

Directory Operations

CreateDirectory  ▪  RenameDirectory  ▪  CopyDirectory  ▪  DeleteDirectory

User File Directories

$UserDocumentsDirectory default directory for saving notebooks

$WolframDocumentsDirectory default directory for kernel file output

$HomeDirectory user's home directory

$UserBaseDirectory default base directory for user-specific add-on files

$Path list of directories to search for files

System File Directories

$InitialDirectory initial directory when the Wolfram System was started

$BaseDirectory default base directory for systemwide add-on files

$InstallationDirectory root of directories for Wolfram System installation files

$RootDirectory file system root directory

$TemporaryDirectory system temporary directory

FindFile find a file by searching $Path, etc.