Initialization & Provisioning

The Wolfram Language allows persistent storage of information about how new sessions should be initialized. The persistent storage uses the general persistent value mechanism, and can be specific to a user, a machine, an installation or more.

Default System-Wide Initialization

$Initialization symbol to release and evaluate after main system initialization

$InitializationContexts symbol giving a list of contexts to be loaded with Needs

$PreInitialization symbol to release and evaluate before main system initialization


$Epilog symbol to evaluate when a session ends

Initialization for Specific Symbols

InitializationValue settable value to be assigned to a symbol on startup

$PersistenceBase default persistence location (session, local, cloud, etc.)

EvaluationEnvironment option to specify when an initialization value should be used

$NoValue special initialization value for symbols that causes any value to be cleared

Initialize perform initialization for individual symbols or the whole system

$PersistencePath default places to search for initialization information

InitializationObjects give a list of all initialization objects

WolframScript Command-Line Options