WSStopBrowsingForLinkServices (C Function)

void WSStopBrowsingForLinkServices(WSENV e,WSServiceRef r)

terminates the WSTP network link service browse operation referred to by r.


  • Browsing for link services is fundamentally an asynchronous operation. Call WSBrowseForLinkServices() to start the browse operation. The WSTP library will make callbacks to a provided callback function as network browsing events occur. WSBrowseForLinkServices() does not wait for a browse operation to complete. It returns to the caller immediately after starting the browse operation.
  • The network browse operation will continue to run until the program calls WSStopBrowsingForLinkServices() or an error occurs with the operating system's service browsing mechanism.    
  • If the browse callback function registered with WSBrowseForLinkServices() receives the error flag WSSDBROWSEERROR, call WSStopBrowsingForLinkServices() to stop the browse operation.
  • Once a program has called WSStopBrowsingForLinkServices(), it should then invalidate or delete any cached service names.
  • The reference object r must be the same object returned by WSBrowseForLinkServices().


Basic Examples  (1)

#include "wstp.h"

void BrowseCallbackFunction(WSENV e, WSServiceRef ref, const char *serviceName, void *context);

void manageBrowseOperation(WSENV e)
    WSServiceResult theRef;
    int apiResult = 0;

    apiResult = WSBrowseForLinkServices(e, BrowseCallbackFunction, NULL /* Use the default browse domain */, NULL /* do not use a context object in this example */, &theRef);
    if(apiResult != 0)
    { /* Handle the error */ }

    /* ... */

    WSStopBrowsingForLinkServices(e, theRef);

void BrowseCallbackFunction(WSENV e, WSServiceRef ref, const char *serviceName, void *context)