"PackedArray" (Compiled Type)


represents a packed array composite type with elements of specified type and rank.



  • Packed arrays can be created with List in compiled code. »
  • CreateTypeInstance["PackedArray"::[type,rank],array] constructs a copy of array.
  • CreateTypeInstance["PackedArray"::[type,1],carr,len] constructs a packed array from a "CArray" carr with length len. carr can optionally be wrapped in "Managed".


  • Information[array,"ElementType"] for array of type "PackedArray"::[type,rank] gives type .



  • "PackedArray" objects can be converted to and from List objects of the appropriate form. For a List object to be converted to an object of type "PackedArray"::[type,rank], it must represent a rectangular array with the specified rank and element type.
  • "ListVector"

  • "PackedArray" objects can be converted to and from "ListVector" objects.

Runtime Errors


  • Elements with types constructed from "PackedArray" can give a runtime error if used in an operation that extracts or sets parts.


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Basic Examples  (2)

"PackedArray" can be used as an input and output from a CompiledCodeFunction:

Create a packed array in compiled code:

Scope  (1)

"MachineInteger" is useful for working with "PackedArray", since this takes integers of the native size for the architecture:

Possible Issues  (1)

Part access can cause an error while running the function. The computation is terminated, a message is issued and the Wolfram Engine is used to compute the result: