"Jupyter" (External Evaluation System)


  • Jupyter is a platform to do interactive computing across many programming languages.
  • Jupyter Notebook Version 5 and later is supported.

ExternalEvaluate Usage

  • ExternalEvaluate[<|"System""Jupyter","Kernel""kernelspec"|>,code] executes the code string in a Jupyter kernel and returns the results as a Wolfram Language string.

Data Types

  • The set of data types that are supported is dependent on which programming language you are using in Jupyter.
  • Results are generally returned as Wolfram Language strings.

Usage Notes

  • The kernelspec that you provide is the name of the Jupyter kernel as displayed in a Jupyter Notebook session, such as "python3" or "julia-1.0".
  • A Jupyter kernel that is installed and working properly in the Jupyter platform should also work with ExternalEvaluate.
  • Jupyter kernels for a large number of programming languages can be obtained from https://github.com/jupyter/jupyter/wiki/Jupyter-kernels.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Start a session using a Jupyter python3 kernel:

Evaluate a numerical computation:

The result is a string:

Close the external session:

Start a session using a Jupyter JavaScript kernel:

Perform a simple evaluation:

The result is a string:

Close the external session:

Properties & Relations  (1)

FindExternalEvaluators will show you the names of all the Jupyter kernels that can be found on your system: