RSS (.rss)

Background & Context

    • MIME type: application/rss+xml
    • RSS web syndication format.
    • Commonly used to transmit frequently updated web content to feed readers or news aggregators.
    • RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication.
    • Stores names, addresses, and other contact information.
    • XML-based format.
    • Stores news headlines together with date information and web links.
    • Introduced in 1999 by Netscape under the name RDF Site Summary.


  • Import["file.rss"] imports an RSS file as a notebook expression.
  • Import["file.rss"] reads an RSS file and returns its contents formatted as a notebook.
  • Import["file.rss",elem] imports the specified element from an RSS file.
  • Import["file.rss",{elem,suba,subb,}] imports a subelement.
  • Import["file.rss",{{elem1,elem2,}}] imports multiple elements.
  • The import format can be specified with Import["file", "RSS"] or Import["file",{"RSS",elem,}].
  • See the following reference pages for full general information:
  • Importimport from a file
    CloudImportimport from a cloud object
    ImportStringimport from a string
    ImportByteArrayimport from a byte array

Import Elements

  • General Import elements:
  • "Elements" list of elements and options available in this file
    "Summary"summary of the file
    "Rules"list of rules for all available elements
  • Data representation elements:
  • "Notebook"gives an RSS file formatted as a notebook expression
    "NotebookObject"creates a notebook and opens it in a new window
    "SymbolicXML"RSS file imported as a symbolic XML expression
  • Import uses the "Notebook" element by default.


Basic Examples  (1)

Import an RSS feed and format it as a notebook: