"NameAge" (Built-in Predictor)

Predict the age of a person in years, given their first name.


  • This classifier is based on the US census data. It will give poor performances for names that are rare in the US.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use the built-in predictor "NameAge" to predict the age of a person from their first name:

Obtain a PredictorFunction for this predictor:

Use the predictor function to predict the age of a person from their first name:

Predict many examples at once:

Scope  (2)

Visualize the distribution of the age for a given name:

The most likely value of this distribution is the following:

Load the PredictorFunction corresponding to the built-in predictor:

Obtain information about the predictor from Information:

Options  (2)

IndeterminateThreshold  (1)

Use a custom IndeterminateThreshold after loading the PredictorFunction:

Update the value of the threshold in the predictor:

UtilityFunction  (1)

Obtain the utility function of the predictor that corresponds to a DiracDelta function:

This means by default, the value with the highest probability density is predicted:

Change the utility function to predict the mean value instead of the most likely value: