"Data" (Resource Object Type)


  • Data resources contain data in content elements that can be accessed with ResourceData.


  • There are standard ResourceObject properties common to all resource types. Additionally, each resource type defines additional special properties.
  • Special properties for data resources associated with the content include:
  • "ContentElements"list of content element names available via ResourceData[res,elem]
    "ContentElementLocations"storage locations of content elements
    "DefaultContentElement"name of content element available via ResourceData[res]
    "ContentSize"ByteCount of the default content
    "Format"formats of the content elements
    "InformationElements"content element values stored as metadata
  • Special properties associated with the resource metadata include:
  • "DOI"digital object identifier URL for the resource
  • The "ContentElementLocations" property is an Association with content element names for keys and locations for values. Each value can be a CloudObject, LocalObject, File or URL.
  • Not all elements included in "ContentElements" have values in "ContentElementLocations". Elements that are either stored in the resource metadata or generated as needed are not included.
  • Properties used for sorting data resources include:
  • "Categories"list of domains associated with the data
    "ContentTypes"list of content types ("Image", "Text", etc.)
  • Commonly used standard ResourceObject properties for data resources include:
  • "DefinitionNotebook"notebook defining the function and resource
    "ExampleNotebook"notebook of example inputs and outputs
    "SourceMetadata"information about the original source of the data
  • The "SourceMetadata" value is an Association that can include the following keys:
  • "Citation"source/reference citation
    "Creator"name of the author or creator
    "Date"original publication date
    "GeographicCoverage"geographic area covered by the data
    "Language"source language
    "Publisher"original publication
    "Rights"data rights for the source
    "TemporalCoverage"timespan covered by the data
    "Title"title of the original data source
  • The value of the "ResourceType" property for a data resource can be either "Data" or "DataResource".

Using a Data Resource

Creating a Data Resource

  • To create a data resource with complete metadata, use the definition notebook available with CreateNotebook["DataResource"].
  • Using the definition notebook, the resource can also be stored locally, deployed to the cloud or submitted for publication in the Wolfram Data Repository.

Publishing in the Data Repository

  • Data resources can be published in the Wolfram Data Repository.
  • Submission to the data repository requires a PublisherID.
  • Publication requires approval from a review team and typically involves modifications.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Retrieve a data resource from the public repository:

The resource has type "DataResource":

Retrieve the default content:

Create a new data resource:

Retrieve the data:

Scope  (2)

Explore the metadata for a published data resource:

See the names of the content elements:

See the locations and formats of the data files:

Open the definition notebook:

See the categories:

See the content types:

Open a blank data resource definition notebook to create a new data resources with metadata: