Enter quantities with units directly from the keyboard using natural language or Wolfram Language syntax.

Using Natural Language...

Get a natural language input box

The most convenient way to enter quantities with units is using natural language. Choose Insert Inline Free-form Input (on desktop) or type to get a natural language input box:

  • You must have a network connection to use free-form input.

Enter a quantity with units

Type a quantity with units using common unit names or abbreviations, followed by :

Disambiguate if necessary

If your units can be interpreted in more than one way, the result will contain a disambiguation button (). If the default interpretation is not what you intended, click the button to choose an alternative interpretation:

Confirm the interpretation

Click the check mark to accept the interpretation:

Using Wolfram Language Syntax...

If you know the standard Wolfram Language names for units, entering them directly with Quantity gives inputs that evaluate quickly and do not require a network connection for interpretation. Wolfram Language unit names are capitalized strings:

If you do not specify a standard Wolfram Language unit name, Quantity will attempt to interpret the unit you specify:

The Wolfram Language has thousands of built-in units. Autocompletion can help you find the unit you need:


You can enter units anywhere in a calculation:
Units can be entered separately from quantities:
Enter compound units with arithmetic operators:
Click an expression in an input box to edit it:
To convert a Quantity expression to a nicely formatted, computable expression, select it and choose Evaluation Evaluate in Place ():