Manipulate XML documents with the Wolfram Language.

Importing Raw XML...

The Wolfram Language converts XML into a symbolic expression that can then be transformed into other expressions for data analysis and visualization.

Import the XML file

Import an XML file containing information on paintings:

Transform data into a computable format

Use Cases to change the XML expression into a simpler one using transformation rules, then format with Dataset:

Query the dataset

Sort the paintings by price, from high to low:

Find the average price of a painting from this dataset:

Sort by the last name of the artists:

Visualize the data

Use DateListPlot to graph the data to see the change in price over time:

Importing other file types that contain XML...

XML code can also be found in other file types, like MathML and ExpressionML.

Import a file with the .mml extension:

The FormBox shown previously can be directly interpreted as a mathematical expression using RawBoxes:

Any MathML expression can be represented as symbolic XML: