Wolfram Language forms support a wide variety of controls in forms, including sliders, checkboxes, file browsers, radio buttons and custom controls.

Deploy a basic form

Deploy a form that gives a map of a specified location. The parameter type "Location" gives an InputField control by default:

Add a slider

Add a slider that specifies the extent of the map. Give the slider a range of 1 to 4000 in integer steps:

Add a menu

Offer a choice of map styles. FormFunction automatically chooses a drop-down menu control for the choices:

Change the menu to a radio button bar

Override the default map style control by explicitly specifying a RadioButtonBar control:

Customize a control

Replace the location control with a custom controlin this example, an InputField with a smaller size than the default. A custom control is specified by a function that takes two arguments, the control value and the interpreter:

Use the customized form

Use the form to get a satellite image of Amsterdam with a GeoRange extent of 450 km: