Querying RDF Stores Using SPARQL

Query local and remote RDF graphs and datasets.

SPARQLQuery represents a SPARQL query

SPARQLExecute execute a query on a SPARQL endpoint

RDFStore an RDF graph or dataset

Query Forms

SPARQLSelect returns a list of bindings of variables to their values

SPARQLConstruct create a graph from a template

SPARQLAsk test whether a query pattern matches

Solution Modifiers

SPARQLOrderBy sort solutions by the value of an expression

SPARQLProject chose which variables to include in solutions

SPARQLDistinct delete duplicate solutions

SPARQLLimit limit the number of solutions

SPARQLAggregate an aggregate

SPARQLEvaluation evaluate functions during query evaluation

SPARQLEntailmentRegime which entailment relations to use when evaluating a query

Graph patterns

SPARQLVariable a variable in a graph pattern

RDFTriple a triple pattern

List ({}) a group graph pattern

SPARQLFilter, Condition (/;) a filter

SPARQLOptional an optional pattern

Alternatives (|) a union pattern

Except negation

SPARQLPropertyPath a property path pattern

Rule () bind an expression to a variable

SPARQLValues specify values for variables

SPARQLSelect a subquery

SPARQLGraph match part of a query against a named graph

SPARQLService match part of a query on a SPARQL endpoint

Property paths

URL a predicate path

SPARQLInverseProperty an inverse path

Sequence a sequence path

Alternatives (|) an alternative path

RepeatedNull (...) a zero or more path

Repeated (..) a one or more path

Repeated[,{0,1}] a zero or one path

Except a negated property set


"SPARQLQuery" format for SPARQL queries

"SPARQLResultsJSON" JSON-based format for the result of SPARQL SELECT and ASK queries

"SPARQLResultsXML" XML-based format for the result of SPARQL SELECT and ASK queries