Handling Live Mailboxes

The Wolfram Language lets you manipulate mail in live mailboxessearching, flagging, moving, deleting, etc. Within the Wolfram Language, mail folders and mail messages are represented by symbolic objects on which commands can be executed.

Connecting to a Mail Server

MailServerConnect connect to an active mail server

MailServerConnection symbolic representation of a mail server connection

$IncomingMailSettings settings for a default incoming mail server

Representing Live Mail Messages

MailFolder symbolic representation of a mail folder

MailItem symbolic representation of a mail item

MailSearch search mail messages

MailExecute execute commands on mail messages (flag, delete, move, etc.)

Mail Sending & Receiving »

SendMail send email messages, including attachments etc.

MailReceiverFunction define automatic processing of incoming mail

Importing & Exporting Mail

Import  ▪  Export