Locale & Internationalization

Character Sets »

$CharacterEncoding resettable default character encoding

$SystemCharacterEncoding operating system character encoding

CharacterRange  ▪  ToCharacterCode  ▪  FromCharacterCode


$Language resettable default list of languages for information, messages, spelling, etc.

Language option specifying language in which notebook interface elements are displayed

TranslationOptions front end option that controls the display of code translations

SpellingOptions front end option that controls spellchecking behavior

ShowAutoSpellCheck whether to highlight spelling errors

LanguageCategory  ▪  DefaultNaturalLanguage

Programmatic Language Handling »

LanguageIdentify automatically identify what language text is in

Transliterate  ▪  TextTranslation  ▪  WordTranslation  ▪  IntegerName  ▪  ...

Date & Time »

$TimeZone resettable default time zone

DateString dates and times with specified formats, in any time zone

$DateStringFormat resettable default date and time format

AbsoluteTime  ▪  DateList  ▪  ...

Geodetic Location »

$GeoLocation settable current geodetic location

FindGeoLocation try to find the current location using GPS, geoIP, etc.

Number Formatting »

NumberForm output with specified number formatting

NumberPoint  ▪  NumberSeparator  ▪  ...