Managing Remote and Parallel Kernels

The Wolfram Language has integrated support for remote and parallel computation, using a variety of connectivity and communication mechanisms.

LaunchKernels launch specified configured kernels

CloseKernels close specified kernels

KernelObject an object representing a running Wolfram Language parallel kernel

KernelConfiguration an object representing a kernel that can be used for remote evaluation

ParallelKernels give a list of all kernels currently running and connected

$DefaultParallelKernels the list of parallel kernels configured to be started

$DefaultRemoteKernel the default remote kernel to use for remote evaluation

$DefaultLocalKernel the default kernel to use for local evaluation

Setting Kernels for Evaluation in a Notebook

Evaluation Notebook's Kernel interactively set the kernel for the current notebook

Evaluator option for evaluator in buttons, cells, etc.

Programmatic Evaluation in Remote and Parallel Kernels »

RemoteEvaluate evaluate an expression on one or more remote kernels

LocalEvaluate evaluate an expression on one or more local kernels

ParallelEvaluate evaluate an expression in parallel across multiple kernels

Parallelize parallelize the evaluation of an expression across all parallel subkernels

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