Math Typesetting Options & Tweaking

As the world's most extensive programmatic mathematical typesetting system, the Wolfram Language provides a range of controls over the details of layout and rendering.

Style specify hundreds of options at any level

SingleLetterItalics whether to give single-character symbols in italics

NumberSeparator separator between blocks of digits in a long number

NumberForm  ▪  DigitBlock  ▪  NumberPoint  ▪  DecimalForm

NumberMultiplier multiplication sign automatically inserted between numbers

AutoMultiplicationSymbol  ▪  ZeroWidthTimes  ▪  ShowAutoStyles  ▪  AutoOperatorRenderings

AutoSpacing control whether to use automatic operator etc. spacing

ScriptSizeMultipliers how much smaller to make subscripts, etc.

ScriptMinSize minimum size for subscripts, etc.

ScriptBaselineShifts how much to lower subscripts, etc.

LimitsPositioning whether to reposition limits in smaller spaces

SpanMaxSize, SpanMinSize how large or small to allow spanning characters to become

SpanSymmetric whether to force spanning characters to span symmetrically

LineIndent how much to indent successive lines

[VeryThinSpace]  ▪  [ThinSpace]  ▪  [MediumSpace]  ▪  [NegativeThinSpace]

explicitly nudge objects on the screen