Regular & Coordinate Arrays

Many operations and algorithms involve creating regular grids in space, in which each point corresponds to a certain coordinate position. These grids are conveniently represented in different ways for different purposes; the Wolfram Language provides a collection of functions for generating, analyzing, and converting grids.

One-Dimensional Lists

Range range of values in equal steps

Subdivide list of values from equal subdivisions

Multidimensional Arrays

CoordinateBoundsArray array of coordinates defined by bounds in each dimensions

CoordinateBoundingBoxArray array of coordinates defined by a bounding box

Array Structures

Length number of elements in a list

Array Bounds

MinMax min, max values in a list, potentially with padding added

CoordinateBounds {{xmin,xmax},{ymin,ymax},} for coordinates

CoordinateBoundingBox {{xmin,ymin,},{xmax,ymax,}} for coordinates

RegionBounds  ▪  GeoBounds  ▪  GeoBoundingBox

LatticeData data on regular lattices