Scientific & Medical Data Formats

The Wolfram Language can import from a variety of file formats commonly used in physics, astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, biology, medicine, and physiology.

General Formats

"HDF", "HDF5" NCSA hierarchical data format (.hdf, .h5)

"NASACDF" NASA common data format (.cdf)

"NetCDF" Unidata scientific data format (.nc)

Astronomical Data Formats

"FITS" FITS astronomical data and image format (.fit)

"SP3" GPS and other satellite orbits (.sp3)

Medical Imaging

"DICOM" DICOM annotated medical images (.dcm, .dic)

"DICOMDIR" directory of DICOM files (DICOMDIR)

"BioImageFormat" over 160 microscopy image file formats (.nii, .img, .lif, .ome.tiff, ...)

Medical and Physiological Data Formats

"Affymetrix" Affymetrix data format (.cdf, .cel, .chp, .gin, .psi)

"BDF" BioSemi data format (.bdf)

"EDF" European data format (.edf)

Chemical & Biomolecular Data »

"MOL"  ▪  "SDF"  ▪  "SMILES"  ▪  "PDB"  ▪  "GenBank"  ▪  "FASTA"  ▪  ...

Seismographic Data

"NDK" NDK seismographic data format (.ndk)

Weather Data

"GRIB" GRIB scientific data format (.grb, .grib)

Common Elements

"Data" array of numbers or strings

"Graphics" raster image

"Rules" rules for all elements

"Elements" all available elements