System Modeling Connectivity

Importing Modelica models allows you to directly use and build upon models, libraries and components from many domains and communities. Exporting models as FMUs makes integration easy in a variety of environments, such as other modeling tools, as well as systems that include hardware or software components. The Wolfram SystemModeler product provides an interactive graphical interface for model creation, exploration and simulation. With shared state and seamless switching, the two user interfaces complement each other with fully integrated workflows.

Wolfram SystemModeler

SystemModeler start SystemModeler modeling and simulation environment

Importing and Exporting

"MO" export and import a Modelica model

"SMA" export and import a model with dependencies

"SME" import a SystemModeler simulation result

"FMU" export a model for use in other simulation environments with FMI support

"MCTT" import and export data for Modelica "CombiTimeTable" components