Wolfram Predictive Interface

Whether you are entering commands or working with results, the Wolfram Predictive Interface streamlines your workflow. The Input Assistant offers context-sensitive autocompletion, including for options and user-defined functions, along with function templates and dynamic highlighting. Once you finish a computation, the Suggestions Bar provides immediate access to possible next steps optimized for your results. The Image Assistant and Drawing Tools provide point-and-click image processing and graphics editing.

Suggestions Bar

click suggested actions perform the action on the output

display more suggested actions

combine several actions into one input expression

get a Wolfram|Alpha report on the output

send feedback

Input Assistant

Context-Sensitive Autocompletion

, , or click insert the selected completion

Function and Option Templates

display the function template list

String Completion

, , or click insert the selected completion

File Name Completion

, , or click insert the selected completion

Color Chooser

, , or click to bring up the Color Chooser when "choose color" is selected

Function Template Tooltip

click tooltip to bring up the function template

CodeAssistOptions options for controlling input assistant features

Image Assistant

Selection Tool click and drag on the image for single or multiple selections

Crop Tool click and drag on the image to crop

Transformation Tool flip, rotate, and resize the image

Image Information display image properties such as dimensions and color space

More tools & actions perform more image processing actions such as filtering and feature detection

Canvas Tools

New Canvas insert an empty Canvas

Convert To/From Canvas add a canvas to a cell or flatten an existing canvas into the cell contents