Graphics Interactivity & Drawing

The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic graphics architecture makes possible powerful mixing of programmatic graphics generation with interactive editing and control. Adding a canvas provides a drawing surface that invokes attached drawing tools when selected.

Canvas represent a canvas for free-form drawing

border wrapping a canvas

Direct Interactive Drawing & Editing

create a new empty canvas

convert selection to or from a canvas

Multiclick select subparts of groups and insets

Drag resize changing aspect ratio

Programmatic Interactive Graphics »

Manipulate create a complete framework for interactive graphics

Locator interactively movable control point

LocatorPane  ▪  ClickPane  ▪  EventHandler  ▪  ...

Interactive 3D Control »

Drag rotate a 3D graphic

Drag (Drag on Mac) zoom

Interactive Element Highlighting

Highlighted statically or dynamically highlight specific elements in visualization

PlotHighlighting set global highlighting effects for visualizations

Imported Graphics

Cell Convert To StandardForm make a copied graphic evaluatable