is an option for SelectedCells, Cell, and related constructs that specifies whether inline cells are permitted.


  • AllowInlineCells is used for SelectedCells to determine whether an inline cell may be returned as a CellObject. If the option is False and an inline cell is selected, then SelectedCells will return the top-level cell that contains the selected inline cell.
  • AllowInlineCells controls whether a Cell or related construct allows the interactive creation of an inline cell. With the default setting AllowInlineCells->True, you can create cells nested within cells. For example, inline cells are useful for displaying typeset expressions or graphics along with text in the same cell.
  • With the setting AllowInlineCells->False, inline cells cannot be created inside a cell. For example, this is the case for InputForm input cells.


Basic Examples  (1)

Generate a cell containing an inline cell:

With AllowInlineCellsTrue, this selects the inline cell:

The selection includes only the inline cell:

With AllowInlineCellsFalse, the selection is automatically expanded to the cell that contains the inline cell:

Now the selection is the entire cell containing the inline cell:

This generates an InputForm cell, where AllowInlineCells->False is set by default:

Attempting to insert an inline cell into an InputForm cell is not normally allowed. The expected result is a beep, with no change in the cell:

This generates an InputForm cell with AllowInlineCells->True:

It is now possible to insert an inline cell:

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