This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Wolfram Language, and is subject to change.


is an option for AdjustmentBox that specifies how much the baseline of the box should be shifted relative to those of neighboring characters.


  • The placement of a selection can be fine-tuned using an AdjustmentBox. AdjustmentBox objects can typically be inserted and modified using , , , and on Windows and Unix, and , , , and on Macintosh. These keys move your current selection by one pixel at the current screen magnification.
  • With the setting BoxBaselineShift->k, the baseline of the adjustment box is shifted vertically by k x-heights.
  • The default setting is BoxBaselineShift->0.
  • For a selected AdjustmentBox object, BoxBaselineShift is set as an option to AdjustmentBox, and applies only to the selection.
  • At the cell level, BoxBaselineShift is set as a suboption of the AdjustmentBoxOptions option for cells. It specifies the default setting of BoxBaselineShift for any AdjustmentBox in the cell.
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