As of Version 11.3, CDFInformation is no longer supported.


gives a list of properties relevant to a CDF deployed with the content expr.


gives usage properties for a CDF to be deployed from the given notebook.


gives CDF usage properties for only the selected cells in the given notebook.


gives CDF usage properties for the named notebook or CDF file.

Details and Options

  • CDFInformation is used to determine properties that are useful when deploying embedded content generated by CDFDeploy.
  • CDFInformation can be used after CDFDeploy to determine the HTML fragment used to embed the CDF. It can also be used before CDFDeploy to help determine the value of a WindowSize option you wish to pass to CDFDeploy.
  • CDFInformation gives its results as a list of rules. These rules can include:
  • "EmbeddingScript"an HTML fragment that can be used to embed the CDF in a webpage
    "Size"the size in pixels of the embedded result
  • If no file name is given, then the resulting "EmbeddingScript" rule will contain a placeholder of `1`, which represents the file name and can be replaced using StringReplace or StringForm.
  • notebook may be a NotebookObject or a Notebook expression. Functions that evaluate to Notebook expressions such as DocumentNotebook, PaletteNotebook, and DialogNotebook are also acceptable.
  • CDFInformation[notebook,WindowSize->{width,height}] causes the resulting properties to use the specified window size.
  • CDFInformation[notebook,AlternateImagefilename] specifies an image to use in the "EmbeddingScript" rule.
  • CDFInformation["file"] will use the in-memory version of file if it is presently open in the Wolfram System.
  • CDFInformation[File["file"]] is equivalent to CDFInformation["file"].
  • CDFInformation[URL["url"]] gives information for the Notebook returned by Import["url","Notebook"].


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Basic Examples  (2)

Get CDF information for a Manipulate:

CDF information for a palette:

Scope  (1)

Retrieve information about a notebook on the web:

Options  (1)

AlternateImage  (1)

Specify an image to use when the plugin is not available:

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