is an option for DateListPlot which specifies how date tick labels should be formatted.


  • DateTicksFormat->Automatic chooses tick labels based on the range of dates to be plotted.
  • DateTicksFormat->{"e1","sep12","e2",} concatenates date elements "ei" with the specified separators. »
  • Any of the date elements from DateString can be used.
  • Typical elements include:
  • "Year"full year (e.g. 2005)
    "YearShort"2-digit year (e.g. 05)
    "QuarterNameShort"quarter of year in short form (e.g. "Q1")
    "MonthNameShort"month name in short form (e.g. "Aug")
    "MonthNameInitial"first letter of month name (e.g. "A")
    "Month"2-digit month number (e.g. 08)
    "MonthShort"1- or 2-digit month number (e.g. 8)
    "DayNameShort"short day of the week (e.g. "Wed")
    "DayNameInitial"first letter of day name (e.g. "W")
    "Day"2-digit day of the month (e.g. 09)
    "DayShort"1- or 2-digit day of the month (e.g. 9 or 29)
    "Hour12"hour on 12-hour clock
    "Hour24"hour on 24-hour clock
    "AMPM"AM or PM
    "AMPMLowerCase"am or pm
    "Minute"2-digit minute (e.g. 05)
    "Second"2-digit seconds


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Basic Examples  (2)

Plot date-based data using default and specified ticks:

Specify both month and year information for ticks:

Scope  (2)

Specify formats on any time scale:

Give date formats for ticks at specific positions:

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