is a low-level box construct that represents boxes that cannot be interpreted in input or output.


  • ErrorBox[boxes] typically displays as the raw form of boxes together with underlining that indicates parts that cannot be interpreted.
  • An explicit ErrorBox is typically generated by a failed call to MakeExpression.
  • When the front end reads an invalid box structure from a Notebook or Cell expression, it generates an implicit ErrorBox, but it preserves the original structure when the expression is written out.
  • ErrorBox is displayed as a pink box. The pink box may have a tooltip or contents that help to indicate the nature of the error.


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Basic Examples  (2)

MakeExpression generates ErrorBox structure when incomplete syntax is detected:

Displaying the ErrorBox shows a pink box:

An invalid box argument may generate an ErrorBox:

Scope  (3)

An implicit ErrorBox may indicate a bad graphics expression:

An implicit ErrorBox in a control or Dynamic indicates a message during evaluation:

A bad option value on the right-hand side can lead to an implicit ErrorBox:

Properties & Relations  (2)

An ErrorBox generated by the kernel typesetting can be read using NotebookRead:

Erroneous boxes display as an ErrorBox, but NotebookRead mirrors the bad input:

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