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converts the contents of source to the format defined by the extension ext and writes the result to the file dest.ext.


writes the result to the filename defined by source, but with an extension defined by the specified format.


takes the contents of source to be in the specified format "format1".

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Convert a CSV file to TSV:

Convert a GIF to PNG, specifying a new filename:

Scope  (14)

Basic Uses  (6)

When no format is specified, FileConvert attempts to infer the format from the output file extension:

Specify the output file format:

When the output filename is not specified, the same filename is used with the new extension:

Specify the input and output formats:

Input and output formats can be specified regardless of extension:

Convert a PDF to a multi-frame PNG:

Format Types  (8)

3D  (1)

Convert an OBJ file to STL:

Audio  (1)

Convert a WAV file to MP3:

This conversion can be used for reducing the file size:

Image  (2)

Convert a TIFF image to JPEG:

Convert an animated GIF to an animated PNG:

Tabular  (2)

CSV and TSV can be reliably converted between the two formats:

Convert CSV to XLSX:

Note that the data is saved in the first sheet of the XLSX file:

Video  (2)

Convert an MKV file to MP4:

Create an FLV file and convert to MP4, which requires a full FFmpeg installation:

Convert to "MP4":

Options  (3)

CreateIntermediateDirectories  (1)

By default, missing directories are created:

With CreateIntermediateDirectoriesFalse, missing directories are not created:

OverwriteTarget  (2)

By default, FileConvert overwrites any existing output file:

Use OverwriteTargetFalse to prevent overwriting existing files:

Applications  (1)

Use FileSystemMap to convert an entire directory of a certain file type to a new format:

Only convert files with a certain extension:

Possible Issues  (4)

A file cannot be converted to an incompatible format:

FileConvert cannot create compressed archives:

Use CreateArchive to create compressed archives:

XLS and XLSX data is grouped into sheets and thus cannot be converted to CSV or TSV:

XLSX and XLS data can be efficiently converted sheet by sheet using Import and Export:

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