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returns an association of properties for the specified format "fmt".


returns the property "prop" for the format "fmt".


returns multiple properties.


  • FileFormatProperties can return properties used by Import and Export.
  • For the full list of supported import and export formats, see $ImportFormats and $ExportFormats.
  • FileFormatProperties[] returns all properties for all registered import and export formats.
  • Available format properties include:
  • "FileNamePatterns"list of file name patterns associated to a format
    "MIMETypes"list of MIME types associated to a format
  • Import properties:
  • "ImportElements"import elements available for a format
    "DefaultImportElement"the element used as the default import element


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Basic Examples  (2)

Get all properties for the "CSV" format:

Get import elements for the "Text" format:

Scope  (5)

Get file name patterns for the "JPEG" format:

Get MIME types for the "MP4" format:

Get the list of elements and file name patterns for the "CSV" and "XLSX" formats:

Get the default element for all formats:

Get all properties for all formats:

Applications  (2)

Find all formats that by default import as an image:

Find all formats that could be imported as audio:

Properties & Relations  (1)

An export-only format returns None for import properties:

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