is an option for cloud and other functions that specifies whether current definitions relevant for the evaluation of an expression should be explicitly included when the expression is deployed.



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Basic Examples  (3)

By default, definitions are included:

Do not include definitions from the current kernel session, but load them from a cloud object at the time they are needed:

CloudEvaluate also supports IncludeDefinitions. Compare the behavior of including definitions or not:

Scope  (2)

For CloudPut, definitions are not included by default:

Include definitions associated with the expression:

Applications  (1)

Make a simple web application generating the color bands and values:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Use FilePrint to see the definitions that were included:

Possible Issues  (2)

When no definitions are associated with a symbol, IncludeDefinitions set to True copies over empty definitions, thus overwriting the ones defined in initialization files:

Set IncludeDefinitions to False in order to avoid overwriting any definitions from initialization files:

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