submits a request to be executed by an external service specified by assoc.


submits a task to evaluate ServiceRequest req on an external service following the schedule defined by spec.


submits a task to evaluate ServiceRequest req on an external service; the result of the request is updated whenever available.

Details and Options

  • ServiceSubmit works with a growing number of external services, given in the guide "Listing of Supported External Services".
  • $Services gives the list of available external services.
  • During the execution of the task, the following events can be generated:
  • "TaskStarted"task is started
    "ResultReceived"evaluation generated a result
    "TaskStatusChanged"task status changed
    "TaskFinished"task is completely finished
    "TaskRemoved"task is being removed
  • With the specification HandlerFunctions-><|,"eventi"->fi,|>, fi[assoc] is evaluated whenever eventi is generated. The elements of assoc have keys specified by the setting for HandlerFunctionsKeys.
  • Possible keys specified by HandlerFunctionsKeys include:
  • "Request"request being submitted
    "EvaluationResult"response received from the service
    "Task"the object representing the task
    "TaskStatus"the status of the task
    "TaskType"type of the task
    "TaskUUID"unique task identifier
  • The task submitted by ServiceSubmit is run in the current Wolfram Language session and has access to all variables and other states of that session.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Submit a request and set the received response:

Check the task status:

If the task is removed, check result:

Receive the event name and evaluation result:

Submit a request without specifying HandlerFunctionsKeys:

List the keys received:

Possible Issues  (2)

Not all services support scheduled request:

Not all services support continuous request:

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