As of Version 12.1, SetProperty has been superseded by Annotate.


sets the property namevalue for itemspec in obj.


  • Properties are used to store and manipulate name->value pairs for specific named items within an object such as Graph.
  • SetProperty will produce an object with a modified property value.
  • The item specification itemspec typically has the form {collection,index}.
  • The index can typically have the following forms:
  • inda single index
    {ind1,ind2,}a list of indexes
    Allall possible indexes in collection
    pattindexes that match patt in collection
  • The collection can typically have the following forms:
  • cola single collection
    {col1,col2,}a list of collections
    Allall possible collections
    pattcollections that match patt
  • The item specification itemspec of the form collection refers to the default value for all indexes in the collection.
  • The items available for Graph objects include vertices and edges.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Specify a vertex or edge property:

Use SetProperty to override the vertex style:

Scope  (6)

Basic Uses  (2)

Set properties for vertices:

And edges:

Set several properties for a vertex:

And for an edge:

Vertex Properties  (2)

Standard vertex properties include VertexStyle:





Non-visual properties include VertexWeight:

Set a custom property:

Edge Properties  (2)

Standard edge properties include EdgeStyle:



Non-visual properties include EdgeWeight:

Set a custom property:

Applications  (3)

Use Fold to apply SetProperty repeatedly:

See all the partial results:

Create a graph:

Temporarily highlight one vertex:

Then another:

Highlight the edges visited during a breadth-first scan:

Properties & Relations  (6)

Use Property as a wrapper to specify properties in functions such as Graph:

Use PropertyValue to extract values:

For undefined properties, the value $Failed is returned:

Use PropertyValue to set properties in a graph:

The original graph has changed:

Use PropertyValue to unset properties in a graph:

The original graph has changed:

Use PropertyList to test for the presence of a property:

Generate a list of vertex label rules:

Use RemoveProperty to remove a property without changing the original:

The original graph is unchanged:

Possible Issues  (1)

PropertyValue is typically faster than SetProperty:

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