is an option to StreamPlot, ListStreamPlot, and related functions that determines how many streamlines to draw.


  • The following settings can be given for StreamPoints:
  • Nonedraw no streamlines
    ndraw at most n streamlines
    Automaticautomatically chosen streamlines
    Coarseautomatically chosen coarse set of streamlines
    Fineautomatically chosen fine set of streamlines
    {p1,p2,}draw streamlines through the points p1, p2,
    {{p1,g1},}draw streamlines through pi using graphics directive gi
    {spec,d}specify a minimum distance between streamlines
    {spec,{dstart,dend}}specify minimum distances at start and end
    {spec,dspec,len}specify a maximum length for any streamline
  • When explicit initial points are given in the form {p1,p2,}, StreamPlot and related functions effectively follow the flow of the vector field forward and backward from each point.
  • In the form {spec,d}, the minimum distance d between streamlines is given in ordinary coordinates, and applies in all directions.
  • In the form {spec,d,len}, len gives the total length of the streamlines to generate forward and backward from each explicit initial point specified. The length len is measured in ordinary coordinates.
  • The parameters d and len can be specified in the form Scaled[s], representing a fraction of the diagonal of the whole plot.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use different numbers of streamlines:

Specify streamlines that go through a set of seed points:

Scope  (1)

Use both automatic and explicit seeding with styles for explicitly seeded streamlines:

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