gives detailed information about the Wolfram System being run.


gives a list of rules with information about the component "comp".


gives the value of property "prop" for component "comp".


  • When run in a notebook interface, the output of SystemInformation[] displays in graphical form.
  • SystemInformation[All] always gives a list of rules.
  • Typical possible components to specify include:
  • "Kernel"Wolfram Language kernel used for evaluation
    "FrontEnd"Wolfram System front end used for display
    "Links"external links
    "Devices"devices, drivers, etc.
    "Network"network connectivity
    "Machine"available memory, memory in use, page size, etc.
  • SystemInformation["comp","Properties"] gives a list of names of properties for component "comp".
  • SystemInformation["Components"] gives a list of names of components.
  • SystemInformation["Small"] gives an abbreviated list of useful properties.
  • SystemInformation gives information on the kernel in which it is evaluated, and the front end in which it is displayed.
  • SystemInformation["comp",] returns Missing["NotActive"] if the specified component is not active in your current system.


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Basic Examples  (5)

Display system information; browse to the relevant tab for details:

Get currently open streams:

Get the total memory available on a machine:

Display information about connected displays:

Information about installed documentation:

Scope  (4)

Get a list of all known components:

Get a list of all available properties for a given component:

Get the value of a particular property:

Get an abbreviated list of properties:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Certain SystemInformation properties are directly related to a built-in system function:

Possible Issues  (1)

Screen area measurements in points, not pixels:

To compute pixel measurements, query the dimension in points and the resolution in pixels per inch:

Scale the points values by the resolution/72 to determine the corresponding pixel values:

Interactive Examples  (1)

Dynamically monitor machine properties:

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