is an option to Tree and related functions that specifies what layout to use.


  • TreeLayout allows the same tree to be graphically displayed in different orientations and two-dimensional embeddings.
  • Possible layouts include:
  • Automaticautomatically select a layout
    posorientation with the root at position pos
    "emb"named embedding
  • Possible orientation positions pos include:
  • Toproot at the top
    Bottomroot at the bottom
    Leftroot on the left
    Rightroot on the right
  • Possible named embeddings "emb" include:
  • "BalloonEmbedding"subtrees on a circle with the center at the parent
    "RadialEmbedding"subtrees on a circular segment
    "LayeredEmbedding"subtrees on parallel lines
    "LayeredDigraphEmbedding"subtrees on parallel lines, with alternative suboptions


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Basic Examples  (2)

Orient the tree with the root to the left:

Specify a named embedding:

Scope  (5)

Orientations  (1)

Specify the orientation of the root:

"BalloonEmbedding"  (1)

Specify a balloon embedding:

"RadialEmbedding"  (1)

Specify a radial embedding:

"LayeredEmbedding"  (1)

Specify a layered embedding:

"LayeredDigraphEmbedding"  (1)

Layered digraph embedding:

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