is an option and property for Graph and related functions that specifies the style to use for vertex labels.


  • Any style specification as used in Style can be used as a setting for VertexLabelStyle.
  • Typical forms of settings include:
  • Automaticuse automatic setting
    styleuse style for all vertices
    {v1style1,v2style2,}use stylei for vertex vi
    {patt1style1,patt2style2,}use stylei for vertices matching the pattern patti
  • Color directives such as Red, as well as text specifications such as Bold or Small, can be given.
  • Giving the option setting VertexLabelStyle->style is effectively equivalent to replacing the label-like elements of a formatting or related construct by Style[label,style].


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Basic Examples  (2)

Set the style for all vertex labels:

Specify the style for individual vertex labels:

Scope  (4)

VertexLabelStyle can be used for general graphs:

Matrix graphs:

Special graphs:

Random graphs:

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