MOBI (.mobi)


    • Registered MIME type: application/x-mobipocket-ebook, application/
    • Mobipocket ebook format.
    • Introduced by Mobipocket SA in 2000.
    • Stores text and graphics.

Import & Export

  • Import[""] imports a MOBI file as a string.
  • Import["",elements] imports the specified elements.
  • The import format can be specified with Import["file","MOBI"] or Import["file",{"MOBI",elem,}].
  • See the following reference pages for full general information:
  • Importimport from a file
    CloudImportimport from a cloud object
    ImportStringimport from a string
    ImportByteArrayimport from a byte array

Import Elements

  • General Import elements:
  • "Elements" list of elements and options available in this file
    "Summary"summary of the file
    "Rules"list of rules for all available elements
  • Data representation elements:
  • "Plaintext"a string giving the textual content of the whole document
    "CoverImage"a sequence of formatted text for the whole document
  • Embedded media elements:
  • "EmbeddedImages"a list of embedded images
  • Metadata elements:
  • "ASIN"the Amazon Standard Identification Number
    "Author"author of the document
    "Copyright"the copyright notice
    "Description"document description
    "ISBN"the International Standard Book Number
    "Language"document language
    "PublishDate"publication date
    "Publisher"document publisher
    "RawMetaInformation"metadata given as strings and date objects
    "Subject"the subject of the document
    "Title"document title


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Basic Examples  (2)

Import a MOBI file:

Import summary of a MOBI file:

Scope  (2)

Import  (2)

Import a plain test from a MOBI file:

Import some metadata:

Import Elements  (15)

Available Elements  (1)

List of available elements:

Data Representation  (2)

"Plaintext"  (1)

Import the text from the whole document:

"CoverImage"  (1)

Import the cover image:

Embedded Media Elements  (1)

"EmbeddedImage"  (1)

Import embedded images:

Metadata  (11)

"ASIN"  (1)

Import the ASIN number:

"Author"  (1)

Import the author of the document:

"Copyright"  (1)

Import the copyright notice:

"Description"  (1)

Import the description of the document:

"ISBN"  (1)

Import the ISBN number:

"Language"  (1)

Import the language of the document:

"PublishDate"  (1)

Import the publication date:

"Publisher"  (1)

Import the publisher of the document:

"RawMetaInformation"  (1)

Import the metadata from the file:

"Subject"  (1)

Import the subject of the document:

"Title"  (1)

Import the title of the document: