"BalloonEmbedding" (Graph Layout Method)

Details & Suboptions

  • The balloon embedding is a graph-drawing technique to position vertices of a graph on a circle with the center at the parent vertex.
  • The balloon embedding is typically used to lay out tree graphs.
  • Possible settings to control the layout include:
  • "EvenAngle" Automaticvertices placed evenly in an enclosing circle
    "OptimalOrder" Trueoptimal ordering of vertices to minimize edge crossings
    "RootVertex" Automaticroot vertex
    "SectorAngles" Automaticsize of the angle of each sector


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Basic Examples  (2)

Place each vertex in an enclosing circle centered at its parent vertex:

"BalloonEmbedding" works best for tree graphs:

Options  (4)

"EvenAngle"  (1)

Use the option "EvenAngle"True to place vertices evenly in an enclosing circle:

"OptimalOrder"  (1)

With the setting "OptimalOrder"True, the vertex ordering optimizes the angular resolution and the aspect ratio:

"RootVertex"  (1)

Use the option "RootVertex"v to set the root vertex:

"SectorAngles"  (1)

Use "SectorAngles"s to control the size of each sector: