"FederalReserveEconomicData" (Service Connection)

Connect to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED®) API using the Wolfram Language to search and retrieve economic time series data.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["FederalReserveEconomicData"] creates a connection to the Federal Reserve Economic Data API. If a previously saved connection can be found, it will be used; otherwise, a new authentication request will be launched.


ServiceExecute["FederalReserveEconomicData","request",params] sends a request to the Federal Reserve Economic Data API, using parameters params. The following gives possible requests.

Search Series


"SeriesSearch" a Dataset with information about series matching search criteria

  • "Query"(required)words to match against economic data series
    "Frequency"Nonefrequency to filter series by, e.g. "Annual", "Monthly"
    "Units"Noneunits to filter series by, e.g. "Dollars","Percentage"
    "SeasonalAdjustment"Nonewhether to include seasonal adjusted series
  • maximum results to return
  • "StartIndex"0
  • index of first search result to return
  • "SortBy"Nonefield to sort by ("SeriesID", "Title", "Units", "Frequency", "SeasonalAdjustment", "LastUpdated", "ObservationDate", "Popularity")
  • Series Data


    "SeriesData" a TimeSeries containing data for the specified series

  • "ID"(required)series ID or list of IDs
    "Date"Noneobservation date or date range to filter results by
  • Examples

    Basic Examples  (1)

    Create a new connection by launching an authentication dialog:

    Search series related to the US unemployment rate, and sort by series ID:

    Search series, filtering by frequency:

    Retrieve data about specified series: