"Reuters" (Service Connection)

This service connection requires Wolfram Finance Platform »

Connect your Reuters account to the Wolfram Language to analyze market data.

Support for this service is provided in Wolfram Finance Platform.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["Reuters",ConnectionSettingsassoc] creates a connection to the Reuters Elektron API.

Entity Lookup

Entity["Reuters","entity"]["property"] gets the property "property" for Reuters entity "entity".


ServiceExecute["Reuters","request",params] sends a request to the Reuters Elektron API, using parameters params. The following give possible requests.



"Fields" look up valid fields supported by Reuters Elektron service

Market Data


"MarketPrice" look up information on Reuters service

  • "Instrument"instrument nameReuter Instrument Code (RIC)
    "Properties"list of propertiesReuters properties
  • Entity Lookup

    Create a new connection:

    Look up the trade price for Reuters Instrument Code (RIC) VOD.L:
    Look up multiple properties for the instrument BP.L:
    Use the "PropertyAssociation" annotation to get an association:
    Look up values for multiple entities and entity properties:

    Service Submit

    Create a connection:

    Deploy a continuous task to view real-time updates: