Graph Store Overview

The GraphStore package provides capabilities for representing, querying and updating RDF graphs and datasets. The package defines a symbolic layer that can be used to make SPARQL queries against local RDF stores or remote SPARQL endpoints.

Basic RDF Structures »

URL a Uniform Resource Locator, used as a basic general identifier

RDFTriple a triple in an RDF graph, consisting of subject, predicate and object nodes

RDFStore an RDF graph or dataset

RDFBlankNode  ▪  RDFCollection  ▪  RDFLiteral  ▪  RDFString

Querying RDF Stores Using SPARQL »

SPARQLQuery represents a SPARQL query

SPARQLExecute execute a query on a SPARQL endpoint

SPARQLSelect returns a list of bindings of variables to their values

SPARQLConstruct create a graph from a template

SPARQLAsk test whether a query pattern matches

SPARQLAggregate an aggregate

SPARQLVariable  ▪  SPARQLOptional  ▪  SPARQLPropertyPath

SPARQLOrderBy  ▪  SPARQLProject  ▪  SPARQLDistinct  ▪  SPARQLLimit

Writing To RDF Stores Using SPARQL »

SPARQLUpdate represents a SPARQL update request

SPARQLExecute execute an update request on a SPARQL endpoint

SPARQLInsertData  ▪  SPARQLDelete  ▪  SPARQLLoad  ▪  SPARQLClear

SPARQLCreate  ▪  SPARQLDrop  ▪  SPARQLMove