Automated Reports

Built into the Wolfram Language is a powerful automated report system that can create notebooks with arbitrarily elaborate formatting, interaction, and computation. Authored using standard Wolfram System editing, template notebooks contain "slots" that can be populated with data from any source, then processed using any Wolfram Language operations. The automated report can readily be performed both locally and in the cloud on a specified schedule.

GenerateDocument generate a report by applying a template notebook to data

Data Sources

List ( {...} ) a list of values

Association ( <|...|> ) a sequence of keys and values

Dataset structured dataset (e.g. from an external database)

Import import hundreds of formats from an external source

Template Notebooks

slot to be filled from data that is supplied

expression to be evaluated when the template is applied

create a repeating block of cells in the notebook

File New Programmatic Notebook Testing Notebook desktop menu item for a testing notebook

Cloud Deployment »

DocumentGenerator define a templated document for scheduled cloud evaluation

APIFunction define an API to generate a report

FormFunction define a form to generate a report

ScheduledTask define a task for scheduled cloud evaluation

ContinuousTask define a task for continuous reevaluation in the cloud

Delayed  ▪  AutoRefreshed  ▪  ExportForm  ▪  SendMail  ▪  EmbedCode

Notebook Formatting »

Grid  ▪  Row  ▪  Column  ▪  Multicolumn  ▪  Item  ▪  Style  ▪  Background  ▪  ...

Programmatic Document Generation »

CreateDocument  ▪  TextCell  ▪  ExpressionCell  ▪  CellGroup  ▪  ...

Importing from Notebooks

NotebookImport import cells with specified styles etc. from a notebook