Combining Graphics

The symbolic character of Wolfram Language graphics makes it straightforward to combine together different graphics constructs, both for presentation and interactive behaviorand efficiently maintain a variety of types of constraints.

Show graphics shown combined, or with options changed

Overlay stack graphics or any other expressions

Canvas represent a canvas for free-form drawing that can be combined with a graphic

Inset inset a graphic or expression inside a larger graphic

GraphicsGroup make graphics be selected as a group

doubleclick "drill down" inside an inset or group

Directive combine graphics directives

GraphicsComplex create a complex of graphics objects with shared coordinates

JoinedCurve, FilledCurve create a joined curve from multiple segments

Arrow create a curved arrow

Epilog, Prolog include additional material in graphics

Tabular Layout

GraphicsGrid  ▪  GraphicsRow  ▪  GraphicsColumn


BaselinePosition  ▪  AlignmentPoint  ▪  Alignment