Font Options

The Wolfram Language allows full control of fonts, not only in ordinary text but also in typeset structures, graphics, and user interface elements. All features of fonts can be accessed programmatically, using symbolic specifications.

Style create output with styling options

Basic Settings

Bold  ▪  Italic  ▪  Plain  ▪  Underlined  ▪  Struckthrough

Large  ▪  Small  ▪  Tiny  ▪  Larger  ▪  Smaller

Highlighted highlight text

Squiggled display text with a squiggly underline

FontColor color of text

Background color of background

FontSize font size in absolute points, or relative to overall image size

Magnification overall magnification factor

FontFamily "Times", "Helvetica", etc.

$FontFamilies list of available font families

DefaultFontProperties override the properties for specified font families

Low-Level Control

FontWeight  ▪  FontSlant  ▪  FontVariations  ▪  FontTracking  ▪  FontSubstitutions  ▪  CharacterEncoding  ▪  PrivateFontOptions

Text Layout »

TextJustification  ▪  Hyphenation

Option Inspector set any option for a selection, cell, etc.