is an option for Style and Cell that specifies the default size in printer's points of the font in which to render text.


  • The size of a font is typically taken to be the distance from the top of the highest character to the bottom of the lowest character.
  • A printer's point is approximately of an inch.
  • Fonts with the same nominal point size may not look the same size to the eye.
  • In graphics, FontSize->Scaled[s] gives a font whose point size is a fraction s of the horizontal plot range.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Specify the font size in printer's points:

Specify the absolute font size using predefined symbolic values:

Scope  (4)

Specify the font size without using an option:

Use relative font sizes:

Specify a font size that is 0.3 times the width of the graphic:

Making the graphic smaller makes the font get correspondingly smaller:

Font size can be specified in style-related options:

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